ZEUGO have become the leading manufacturer of Table Football products. Established in 1998 their version of Subbuteo Table Football has grown and evolved over the years and now ZEUGO have a superb range of teams, accessories and box sets, all of which are available direct from us via our secure online payment system. Each team consists of 10 outfield players plus 1 reserve player and a goalkeeper on a rod. Many of the new ZEUGO teams are only available from SUBBUTEWORLD with new kits being added all the time.

The ZEUGO teams originally came in a square box with 10 players plus a keeper. Then in 2006 they changed the style and shape of the box, added an extra player and also improved the quality of the bases. ZEUGO teams have always been handpainted just like the SUBBUTEO teams of the 60's and 70's and this is a tradition that continues today. The detail and quality of the ZEUGO handpainted teams is quite superb and much improved on the quality of the handpainted teams of 30 years ago. Each ZEUGO team comes already assembled and they are ready to play. We stock many of the English, European and World Cup teams and if any new ZEUGO team becomes available then we will have it.

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